How do I submit to the Suisun Valley Review?

All of our submission guidelines are located HERE. We are currently in the process of incorporating Submittable as a format in which writers and artists may submit their work.

Do I have to be a Solano College student to submit?

No, you do not. We accept and publish submissions from all over the world, not just locally. We would like to encourage anybody and everybody to submit their work.

When does the Suisun Valley Review begin accepting submissions?

SVR typically begins accepting submissions starting in early to midwinter through the spring, typically until late March or early April.

How often does the Suisun Valley Review publish submissions?

SVR is an annual magazine that publishes works of writers and artists around the world each spring.

What is the Quinton Duval Award in Creative Writing?

The QD Award is a yearly award hosted by SVR in association with the faculty of Solano Community College. Every submission by a Solano College student to the magazine is eligible to win and the winner and runner up are published within SVR. More information about the Quinton Duval Award may be found HERE.

How long does it take to learn whether or not a piece was accepted?

All acceptance and rejection statements will be received no later than early May.